Looking back and looking forward #nurture1314

So 2013 has been a huge year for lots of reasons (mostly to do with the family)

From a professional point of view lots has happened and lots will hopefully develop into 2014.

On reflection.

My highlight of the year was becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator.  Though this title seems lost on many, capsule it has meant a great deal to me in my teaching.  I believe strongly in having a moral purpose to what I do and my uptake of technology has had teaching and learning purely at the heart of it from the start.  The ADE status was the positive reinforcement I needed to help me continue in sharing a message to staff that were very sceptical  The week in Cork with fellow minded individuals was refreshing and inspiring.  A memory that will last a long long time.

It was also my big year for taking a step outside my comfort zone and doing a lot more public speaking.  this has always been something I have kept away from but now I have overcome the initial nerves i now love it and really enjoy spreading new ways to teach or ideas to support staff.

I finally got round to setting up a proper site where I could blog my reflections and share great how to guides.  Thanks to Mark Anderson for his help and advice.

I have started doing training for other schools.  This started as an online training that I was asked to do by @subjectsupport and has developed into face to face training on technology in PE.  I love these events as not only do I get to support others which I love but I also get to see lots of other departments around the country and see what they are doing.

I finally got round to setting up my own teachmeet.  Post 16 teachmeet was a first step into really looking at sharing teaching and learning and showing my school what I have to offer in that area.  My thanks go to Matt Hall (@pocottage) and Mark Anderson (@ictevangelist) for supporting my on this.

Projects that are well underway and will be developed include both the numeracy in PE work (of which I wrote an eBook on the iBookstore) and my work around SOLO taxonomy in practical PE sessions.


So to the future….

Next year will be my real ground breaker.  I am full of ideas that I want to share and develop and now have a big enough network outside of school to support me and give me the belief in myself that anything is possible.  The numeracy and SOLO work will continue and will be supported by some training materials to help others implement it in their teaching.

I really want to look to create a joint project for PE teachers, health something that will be a long lasting reference tool that will support old and new teachers in really showing all of the benefits a great PE department can bring to a school.  This is in its early stages but will hopefully be complete this year.

I hope to continue being someone that offers sensible and simple advise, I never profess to be an expert but try to make solutions very practical and easy.  This seems to have been appreciated so I will continue to wrk in this way.

I am also hoping to start 2014 in a big way but as this s still awaiting final confirmation I wont go into details just yet.  Needless to say it is a very exciting project of which I will finally get to show my skills and knowledge and to put it to good use without feeling like I am running in quicksand.

I hope to continue to be inspired by many and that I may inspire one or two others on my way.

From a family point of view I just hope that next year is a lot more plain sailing (fingers crossed)

Thanks to all for your great support.

Heres to 2014

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