Coaches Eye/Ubersense and model videos

Here is a quick guide to go through the steps to get videos from the web to coaches eye to help model good practice to students. The process involves two apps and about thirty seconds of your time.  (The process is also good for simply getting videos to show with no wifi signal) Can I just state at this point that you should concider all copyright and use only in an educational setting.

Tube D/L
Coach’s Eye

Step 1

Open Tube Downloader and go to the browse section.


Here you have full access to the web and with it YouTube video.  Search for the video you want.

Step 2

If you hold down the screen on your iPad over the video you will get options of download video or add to file.  Click download.  It will then appear in your downloads.



Step 3

Play the file through.  You now have access to the video offline.  Good for simple playback in areas of the school with no wifi (changing rooms?)



Step 4

In the bottom right corner ht the square with the arrow pointing up.  This will give you options to open in..  Select Coach’s Eye or Ubersense (assuming you have already downloaded either.


Step 5

At this point the video will open in the app you choose and you can play through and annotate as needed.



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