Changing focus #edtech

I delivered a lecture yesterday on the new Digital Competence Framework in Wales to our first year trainee teachers.  The new framework looks at how technology should be integrated into the curriculum to allow for confident and creative individuals.

Whilst delivering the session we discussed how the framework was not about teaching children to use specific tools or apps but to give them a breadth of knowledge to allow them to make the right decisions about when and what technology could be used to solve a problem.

Over the last few years I have often been asked about apps that can be used in certain subjects and I try to explain that apps do not teach anything, erectile they will simply support the teacher or student in their learning.  When sharing this notion to the students yesterday I decided to try a different approach to prove that point.

I showed the iMovie icon on the screen and asked the students what the app was and what did it do?

The responses were exactly what i expected

“Its an app that makes movies”

And while that is completely true, I used the answer to get them to change focus, it is an app for movie making but it is also an app that gives a voice to an autistic child.

This change in focus seemed to really resonate with the group,

If you always see something for what it is, you will never notice what it could be

There are so many apps out there that can be used for so many purposes.  It is important to see the things that they could do, not always what they are marketed as doing.

That is digital competence and that is problem solving, both important skills for the students of today.

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