App review. Whink for collecting your thoughts #adedu

I downloaded the Whink app a few months ago but hadn’t used it until today.

First impressions are …… really impressed.

I have been a fan of sketchnoting for some time now, ever since being introduced to it at the Apple Institute in San Diego in 2014.  This app provides a similar way of creating your notes whilst using your iPad.

I used it today during an inset training session and it felt just like making notes with a paper an pen only it made the process slick and at the end of the day I could export it to iBooks as a complete book to look back on later.

The interface is really nice and you have a selection of paper types to suit the needs of your note taking. Blank, lined or with grids.


There are then a few ways to input your notes.

You can use your finger or a stylus to add in hand drawn notes, you have 4 colours to choose from for drawing or writing, 4 highlighter pens and if you upgrade you can add in shapes and audio notes too.

IMG_1336 IMG_1337

To help with the creation of your notes you can zoom in to certain areas of the page and even cut and paste to move parts of the note around.


You can also add in text notes, the formatting here is really nice and you can simply add in areas as titles, headers etc.  There is also the option to add in checkboxes too.



Check out more about the app on their site 

For use in lessons it can simply substitute the students exercise book (and save the school money, and the planet) You can use it to track progress of students, as a progress booklet, as a literacy/numeracy tracker.  In Early Years you could use it as a profile booklet for students.  I’m sure if you tae a look you will come up with loads of uses to suit your own needs.

Oh yeah, and its free!

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