#ade2017 application window

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With the opening of the window to apply to become an ADE, there are lots of ways you can receive support in your process, a twitter chat was recently helped offering support and several ADEs have taken to writing guidance on the process.
I thought I would take an alternative route and instead of helping you think about how to apply, I would get people to question their why. (And hence support your application in a different way)

Being an ADE is a very personal thing, many ADEs that I know have their own reason for going through the process, each reason is valid but let’s just take a look at a few of these.

“I am in a school where I feel that technology could make a difference but I need additional support to help change things”.

This view point is fairly common, the lone wolf or the techy teacher that has used technology in their own teaching and seen the impact, the next step is to convince the leadership team but you feel that you need additional support from beyond the school to do this. Becoming an ADE provides a community that will be able to guide and support in the process of scaling your own practice across the school.

“I have been using it for many years and feel this is a good way to give credit to the professional work I have done”.

Many teachers are now using technology well and will have a very good story to tell, it is possible that you have tried various things and seen real impact on teachers and students alike, there may even be that special student that has had a remarkable change in how they view education. The community is a great place to further share these stories as you connect with educators around the world.

“I want to help other teachers with their personal and professional development and see being an ADE as a route into sharing best practice”.

All ADEs that I have met believe that through sharing their work they can make a dent in the universe of other teachers, be that through blogs, social media or even face to face. The ADE recognition can give you the confidence that you may need to project your voice.

You may have other reasons but each reason underlines your story. Stories are what people want to hear and sharing them is important. Keep this in mind when you are applying, if you know your purpose and audience it may help get your story across.

Good luck to all those applying and look out for the ADE video of you make it. “We are Apple Distinguished Educators” it will cement your reason for being there.

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