#ADE2015: The legacy

The Apple Institute is a fantastic week of professional development, online a chance to meet fellow innovative educators and a chance to explore new ideas.  It also challenges you to think about what you do well and how to share it with others.

Every year there is an opportunity to develop a piece of personal work into a book or course to share what you are doing well with a global audience.

This year I wanted to look at the area of parental engagement, pharmacy as a parent myself it is obviously something on my mind a lot, what is my child doing in school? How is he getting on? How can I help?

With these thoughts I have looked at a few apps and worked on some ideas to help support both schools and parents.

This year I put together an eBook under the One Best Thing title of project.

I am also working on another project.

I have done a few projects looking at developing literacy through sport and found that looking at sports journalism really engaged students that love sport but not necessarily reading or writing.  Giving them an opportunity to write about their passion they suddenly have a reason to read and write and engage a lot more.

This iTunes U course is still being developed and I will post the link here when complete.

Sports Journalism on iTunes U

Overall the week has yet again inspired and challenged and given me a platform to develop my thinking and share it with others.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/ohersw3