#ADE2015; Welcoming the New Class

This year the ADE Institute took place in Amsterdam and we welcomed a fantastic class of over 200 new ADEs from across the EMEIA region. (Europe, pills Middle East, tadalafil India and Africa)  the last part being significant as for the first time there were ADEs representing the Africa region which marks a fantastic move for the programme.

Sunday as ever was our travelling day and registration.  It was great to catch up with fellow alumni who I do not get to see as often as I would like.  Greg Hughes, look Koen Marien, Catherine Mangam, Johan Andersson, Ann Razdorskaya John JonesMiriam Walsh and Frans Ittmann ( A special mention here as Frans was an Alumni at my first institute and helped me really make the most of the week.  He is the reason I wanted to return and help the new class). 2013 will always be the best class ever and the friends I made on my institute will be held dear for a very long time.


Monday we started the day in a typically rousing fashion.  It was interesting to see the new class as an alumni as it reminded me of the way I felt in 2013 when I entered this room full of amazing educators and felt a little like an imposter.  It was nice to be able to reassure the new class that it would soon all make sense and they would see exactly what they brought to the programme.  As we went through the day with inspiring presentation followed by inspiring presentation it made me proud to be a part of the ADE programme and enthused about education in general.  We really are all about making a difference, even when the bureaucracy gets in the way.

We were welcomed by the ADE board members and then introduced to this years project.  A little different this year as there were a choice of three projects that we could choose from.

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I was honoured to be selected to present to the new class on my project from the Global Institute.  I had done a PE based project in iTunes U for the Lessons for the Classroom.    It is always scary to stand up in front of so many people and talk about your passion for teaching but in equal measures very exciting.

You can find out all about the ADE projects by looking at previous work done

One Best Thing

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Lessons for the Classroom

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In the afternoon we looked at Storytelling.  This was a great session and got us really thinking about how the things we do with children can be remembered if we help students tell their stories.  You will never remember all the facts about things but you can remember moments.

Tuesday there was a great start to the day with the Showcase events from fellow ADE.

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This is a real highlight of the week and the part that truly inspires.  The technology is rarely mentioned although it is an Apple event.  That is what makes it so special, the technology is being used to make a difference, it is helping learning and taking education in a different direction.

We then had a great design session where we got to look at principles of design that would help us when presenting our work but is also something to pass onto our students to help them present their thoughts in an organised and clear way.

Following that we had a playground session looking at STEM and STEAM activities.  I have never really been interested in this, programming is beyond me, or so I thought.  The way it was set up was great and we got to play with the toys.  Sphero, Parrot Drones and the Tickle app, LegoMindstorm and a chance to look at 3D printing.  All of a sudden I was programming and it made sense.  I have even started to think about ways to integrate it into PE, I even bought a drone on my way home to play with my little boy and give him a head start.

Wednesday saw more Showcases followed by a chance to hear from the amazing Bill Frakes and see some of his amazing photographs from around the world.  This is the third time I have heard Bill speak and I always leave inspired to take my own amazing photos.


The afternoon was filled with workshops and a chance to really up skill ourselves.  I had the opportunity to present during the formative assessment session on the use of Seesaw to support learning.


Other sessions I attended that really inspired were the updates to iTunes U including marking and hand in and an excellent iBook Author session looking at design features to make books stand out more.

Thursday came around quickly and the projects we started to build were taking shape, at least in planning form.  We had made a PLN we called PING and we were discussing the use of Beacon technology and how it could help in education.  The team was great and as an alumni it was nice to offer that extra piece of support to the new class here.  We shared our thoughts and gave structured critique to help shape what could be created.  Thanks to Vickie, Nathan, Paul and Gavin for your help.


Friday we had to say our goodbyes but by no means was it the end of the discussions.  Twitter is still alive now with discussions with ADEs I met that week.  The hashtag #ade2015 will be full of chat from all areas and its a great way to keep up with the great ideas going on worldwide.

I can not wait for next year and hopefully I will get the chance to be inspired further and share the things I plan to develop this coming year.

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