Daily Archives: August 19, 2013

  I simply love this app as it really makes creating presentations much more engaging.  It allows you to make flowing stories with text, and sale picture and sound and due to the fact it animates the drawing it is easier to follow.  There are built in pictures in the […]

8. Videoscribe

  This is a great app (available on Mac, PC and iOS) that helps create comic books.  When thinking about it’s uses in education it has provided me with a simple tool for creating worksheets, help sheets, displays and for students to create ways to show off their work. On […]

5. Comic Life

        One of the first apps that I downloaded on my iPad.  this is a great tool for keeping and sharing all types of notes with students.  It equips you with an email to send notes directly to be stored.  it also allows you to make picture […]