So you are looking to invest in new technology in your school. You have done some research and there seems to be a lot of discussion around iPad and a similar amount around Chromebook. So which do you go for? This is something that comes up quite often for schools […]

iPad vs Chromebook

A lot of the discussions I have professionally at the moment revolve around the proposed new curriculum in Wales.  It is an important point in Education in Wales as there is a great opportunity to make a curriculum that will benefit the learners and help re engage those that do […]

An inter-connected curriculum for an inter-connected world?

So Apple has updated Apple Classroom and now you can make this work on your devices, without needing to configure devices in an MDM. This is of particular interest to schools that may not have the experience to set these things up or may have unsupervised devices. Why should you […]

Apple Classroom 2.0 basic guide #adedu

So I have been thinking about this for a while now, pretty much my whole teaching career in fact. And I know there will be many that have had similar thoughts. What if education was different? What if we took the risk and actually did what lots of very clever […]

A different education system #ukedchat

So the #adechat on multitouch books got a lot of discussion going and one of my students came up with a fantastic idea to develop their own books around their work in University. Starting next week we are going to be trialling the creation of multitouch books created in iBooks […]

#adechat impact on student teachers

With the opening of the window to apply to become an ADE, there are lots of ways you can receive support in your process, a twitter chat was recently helped offering support and several ADEs have taken to writing guidance on the process. I thought I would take an alternative […]

#ade2017 application window

To start with the title of the post is a reference to Obi Wan in Star Wars but there are no mind tricks in what the post is about. Students at the University of South Wales are quickly becoming leaders in how technology can support learning and more than this […]

These are the trainees you are looking for! #appleteacher

This is a reflection on an amazing 2016. I started the year as a new addition to the team of lecturers at USW on the BA Primary Studies course.  My role was to look at Science and Technology, in particular ICT and to look at supporting the new Digital Competence […]

Digital Competence Framework and future teachers.

I started using Smore as a school newsletter about 4 years ago.  It is a simple programme that creates really nice newsletters that can easily be shared in various ways. I wanted to create a newsletter that not only shared information specific to my need but also easily integrate some […]

Using Smore

I delivered a lecture yesterday on the new Digital Competence Framework in Wales to our first year trainee teachers.  The new framework looks at how technology should be integrated into the curriculum to allow for confident and creative individuals. Whilst delivering the session we discussed how the framework was not […]

Changing focus #edtech

This week saw us start our digital pilot in schools.  The project is looking at how we can identify different ways to support trainee teachers as part of their studies and give them additional support in schools.  I am working with 4 of our first year students in a Year […]

Digital pilot in schools reflection.

Having worked in and with a full range of schools over the last few years I have seen some outstanding practice in the use of technology in the classroom.  There does seem to be however, some misconceptions by some over how to best use the technology in the classroom. I […]

Create or consume? Digital competency in schools.

Since starting at the University of South Wales I have been developing some new ideas for supporting student teachers as they look to enhance their skills in the use of digital technology.  The key objective is not necessarily about making them experts in all of the apps and programme available […]

Digital learning at USW

Today I worked with the Year 1 students on the BA Primary Studies course.  They are due to go out on their first teaching placement and we took the opportunity to give them some additional training around the use of technology in the classroom. I am a firm believer that […]

Developing Digital Competency

As with most things I learn these days, store this idea was born from a chat with my son.  He was having some trouble with his maths and we were thinking about some fun ways to help hime learn his sums.  (he is 6). He thought that a treasure hunt […]

Making numeracy practical.